Character Actor Vincent Schiavelli Dead at 57

Possessing a film resume that is anything but distinguished, it is long and varied. Possessing one of the most memorible faces in Hollywood, Schiavelli appeared in all sorts of genre flicks from Ghost to Tomorrow Never Dies to Blade Runner.

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  1. I’d say it was distinguished

    I’d have to disagree – his resume was indeed distinguished, not in a movie-star way, but in the sense of his craft as an actor.

    I didn’t recognize his name at all, but his face is familiar from a hundred different characters, each one separate and realized.

    On a personal note: I almost met Mr. Schiavelli once. He was shooting a low-budget flick called American Saint (the working title was “Cabbin’ It”) and they shot one scene at a poetry reading I used to attend. Didn’t talk to him, but we did smile and nod and acknowledge each other. Got a definite sense of a craftsman at work.

    Ok, it’s not a great story, I didn’t even talk to the guy, but it’s one of my closer brushes with fame. :-) Hadn’t thought about that in years; gonna have to put that movie in my Netflix queue and see if that scene made it in.

  2. you noob
    he wasn’t in the motion picture Blade Runner, you noob. He was a voice in the computer game.

  3. O’Connor
    Anyone who showed up in Buckaroo Banzai needs to be honored.

    “They’re only monkey-boys. We can crush them here on earth, Lord Whorfin.”

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