Indiana Jones Trivia

Grab your hat and whip, it’s time to go adventuring for trivia.

Hey gang, it is episode 231 of the Dorky Geeky Nerdy Trivia Podcast. This week, we’re diving into the depths of Indiana Jones trivia.

With the new movie coming out this weekend, why not revisit the world’s most famous, fictional archaeologist. It’s three rounds of ten questions each, just like we do every Wednesday.

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OK, sounds like the boulder is on its way, so we had best get going.

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5 replies on “Indiana Jones Trivia”

  1. The ad for Spotify was a bit jarring…

    Dorky – 6 right, 6 points – I recognize a lot of the questions, but haven’t seen any recently enough to get the names/specifics right.
    Geeky – 4 right, 8 points –
    Nerdy – 0 right, 0 points – Seven is missing it’s clock ticks, too. And another surprise ad.

    • I’ve fixed the missing clock on #7. Must’ve scrolled past it while doing my post.

      I need to figure out what to do with the ads. Ones loaded mid-episode are more likely to generate revenue for the show. I’m contemplating switching off of sponsors to subscribers. It’d be the same cost for folks, but then they can get extra episodes if I so choose (and maybe no ads).

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