Daredevil Trivia

Spandex and mask ready? Good. It’s time for some superhero trivia.

Hey gang, this is episode 233 of the Dorky Geeky Nerdy Trivia Podcast. This week, we’ve got Daredevil Trivia. The Man Without Fear is here to save your Wednesday from being anything but normal.

As always, it’s three rounds of ten questions each. I ask the question, you get a timer, and then we’ll see how you did. Even if you get a question wrong, don’t fret. Now you’ve got a cool piece of trivia to show off.

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I think that’s enough to get you started. So…let’s start.

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4 replies on “Daredevil Trivia”

  1. I am starting this as the last of my podcasts instead of first, so I am wide awake and caffeinated. Let’s see how little that helps.

    Dorky – 9 Right, 9 points – I could have guessed who he played roulette with, and I did, but was wrong.
    Geeky – 9 Right, 18 points – I missed his bodyguard.
    Nerdy – 5 Right, 15 points – I missed the year (by one!) who The Man worked with and alternate versions, and apparently another one, or missed counting.

    I think I did pretty well! I didn’t read Daredevil before the last decade or so, and never went back to backfill it. I bet Blaine gets a perfect score.

    • I came here to say that I think this was my first perfect score, in fact.

      Also, there was one question I was waffling on, thinking the answer might be “The Lev Gleason Company”, a Canadian company that published “Silver Streak Comics #6” back in 1940. Anyone can search up the issue to find out why, especially since it’s now in public domain, but I won’t say why at this point for fear of spoiling the trivia.

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