Korean War Trivia

All right troops. Line up for inspection. It’s trivia time. Since November 11 is Veterans’ Day or Armistace Day, I thought a trio of war trivia episodes would be in order. These three have all been requested over the last 5 years and I’m glad to finally have them on paper (so to speak). We start off with Korean War Trivia. Of the many 20th Century wars, this seems to be the forgotten one with little information about it. So, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

As always, Dorky Geeky Nerdy has three rounds of ten questions each. I ask the question, you get a timer, then we sort things out. OK?

If you need rules or scorecards, visit DorkyGeekyNerdy.com.

I think that’s enough prep work, let’s start the show.

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2 replies on “Korean War Trivia”

  1. I suspect this war is forgotten because High School history classes were set up as covering the World Wars and ‘modern’ history, but history kept moving and there was too much to cover so by the end of the year this didn’t have time to be covered. The World Wars are much bigger, and by the time you’re teaching, Vietnam was more ‘current’. In my house, I just know my grandfather wasn’t big on talking about his time in the military.

    Dorky – 5 right, 5 points –
    Geeky – 2 right, 4 points –
    Nerdy – 2 right, 6 points –

    • I always got the sense that since all my teachers were Boomers, they wanted everyone to hear about “their war” to the detriment of all other 20th Century history.

      I will say, in researching this episode, I came across a lot of horrifying details about the Korean War. That might also be why it’s glossed over. Some history textbook publishers get squeamish about unpleasant history (which is profoundly stupid).

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