Rhino Trivia with Jacqi Coffee (Mini #30)

It’s mini trivia time. I have a special treat for you today. I have a guest co-host. My daughter, Jacqi Coffee.

This week, we’re covering those lovably big mammals, Rhinos!

If you want to help support rhinos, visit Rhinos.org and donate to the International Rhino Foundation.

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One reply

  1. Bonus trivia! Rhinos! Family! Daughters who actually enjoy learning! It’s everything you could want for (American) Thanksgiving!

    DNG – 3 answer – Smallest Rhino: “The Shetland Rhino” is the wrong answer, but I want one.

    Jacqui, welcome! Loved having you here!

    (I’d have followed your feed, but I don’t do Meta. If you have a Mastodon/Fediverse, let me know!)

    (Followup: If either of you want an invite link for my Mastodon Instance, let me know, too. You’d both be welcome!)

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