Greek Mythology Trivia

It’s time to get epic. This week, for the 253 iteration of the Dorky Geeky Nerdy Trivia Podcast, it’s Greek Mythology Trivia.

To say this has been requested a lot would be an understatement. It’s hands down the most requested topic. So, why have I avoided it? Well…it’s mythology, so finding a “right answer” can be tricky. So, these are going to be what’s commonly accepted as the answers based on Bullfinch’s Mythology and Wikipedia.

That’s the caveat. If you disagree with me, please feel free to let me know. If this works, expect more mythologies in future episodes.

3 replies on “Greek Mythology Trivia”

  1. I get your hesitation.

    Dorky – 10 right, 10 points – Lots of me saying a roman name, then translating to Greek again. Also, you cracked me up by phrasing it as “Engineering Specifications”
    Geeky – 10 right, 10 points – I never new the correct Greek pronunciation because I read these as a kid and never had anyone to talk to about it with anyone who knew better. “Purse-a-phone” was one of my favorite stories.
    Nerdy – 9 right, 9 points – Full credit, I got the Greek name!

    My only missed one was the hero name. I guess he wasn’t in the book I read and re-read when I was little.

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