TV Series Finale Trivia

It’s time to end things. Don’t panic, it’s just 2023 we’re putting an end to. This week, all the questions will be about Series Finales for TV shows.

Here’s the format: I’ll give you the number seasons the show ran for, the year it ended, and the title of the finale. You just answer with the show’s title. It’s something new, so let me know on social media or Spotify what you think.

And with that, let’s start the show.

2 replies on “TV Series Finale Trivia”

  1. Intriguing format. I find myself waiting for the one or two I should know and guessing the rest. (I am still waiting for “Chosen”, “Not Fade Away”, or “Objects in Space.” Even then, a few shows I watched all of, but I missed the title. (That’s probably coffee related.)

    Dorky – 7 right, 7 points – “Oh, that show finally ended?”
    Geeky – 2 right, 4 points –
    Nerdy – 0 right, 0 points – Tough round!

    • I tried to go with more mainstream shows, especially ones with large audiences or a large impacts on TV.

      Fear not, there’s always the Season Five finale in February. Plus, I have “ideas” for Season Six.

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