Cheers Trivia

Pull up a stool and sit a spell, it’s time for Cheers Trivia. For this week’s TV show trivia episode, we’re bellying up to the bar for the long-running 80s sitcom.

All season long, it’s TV trivia. If you’re looking for a specific show, check our past episodes at Or subscribe to follow along for the rest of this year. And, hopefully, longer.

4 replies on “Cheers Trivia”

  1. Dorky – 7 Right, 7 points – I am at the point where I know the format of DGN so much that before you started the first question, I was already saying the lead character’s actor’s name.
    Geeky – 6 Right, 12 points – I am surprised I got a few of these, as I didn’t watch that much of the show. I guess it’s seemed that much into the culture.
    Nerdy – 1 Right, 3 points – The Star Trek question was news to me and I love it.

    This was a great episode! Questions I knew enough to know the question, but not enough to actually get right, and other questions that really just told me interesting trivia. Bravo, Brian!

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