Frasier Trivia

Do you hear the blues a-callin’? Well, fear not my friends, I have Frasier Trivia to chase them away for the 275th episode of the Dorky Geeky Nerdy Trivia Podcast.

As we’ve done all this season, it’s TV show trivia. It’s also our first spin-off series. As always, you’ve got three rounds of ten questions each.

If you need score cards or rules on how to play along, visit

That covers the basics, now give me your answers because…I’m listening.

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3 replies on “Frasier Trivia”

  1. My wife was also interested in this episode since we heard the teaser last time.

    Dorky – 10 `Lex, 9 Marlise – Marlise didn’t have
    Geeky – 6 `Lex, 5 Marlise – I whiffed on the Star Trek question because my pre-coffee brain didn’t understand the question.
    Nerdy – 1 `Lex, 0 Marlise – Mostly the answer was “Oh!, yeah, that!” and a few outright wrong answers.

    Another great episode!

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