To the West (Mini #40)

And off into the Sunset we ride. Metaphorically speaking. For this week’s mini episode of the Dorky Geeky Nerdy Trivia podcast, I have geography trivia. We’re looking to the west. What that means is, I’ll give you a country and you tell me what country is to the west of that one. If there are more than one, go with the nation that shares the largest western border.

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2 replies on “To the West (Mini #40)”

  1. Bonuses have moved to Mondays? I must be a bit lost, which tells you how bad I expect to do at this geography trivia. I’d have more luck with a song about those who diminished in Lord of the Rings.

    DNG – 2 right – No, Wakanda doesn’t border Egypt, `Lex. 🙄

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