Downton Abbey Trivia

Put on your finery, make sure the silver is polished, and let’s have some trivia. For episode 278 of the Dorky Geeky Nerdy trivia podcast, I have Downton Abbey trivia for you lovely people.

3 replies on “Downton Abbey Trivia”

  1. I’m sipping my coffee, but we’ve got another show I haven’t watched. I have watched all of Are You Being Served and Bridgerton, so you just mix the two and it’s the same thing, right?

    Dorky – 0 Right, 0 Points –
    Geeky – 1 Right, 2 Points – I know my pandemics better than this show.
    Nerdy – 1 Right, 3 Points –

    My wife, on the other hand, did watch it, so she listened in:

    Dorky – 5 Right, 5 Points –
    Geeky – 5 Right, 10 Points – No, not “Mrs. Bitchyface” dear.
    Nerdy – 2 Right, 6 Points –

    It looks like she did pretty well! I did about as well as a non-watcher would do.

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