Crossword Clues Starting with K (Mini #43)

Ready to kick it up a notch? Well, it’s our letter K edition of the crossword clues trivia mini episodes.

We’ve done these before, but I’ll recap the rules. I give you the number of letters in the word and the crossword clue. You just have to tell me the word starting with K.

5 replies on “Crossword Clues Starting with K (Mini #43)”

  1. I am brewing my koffee, so the best K word I kould think of to start my komment was that.

    DGN – 8 Right – I got the wrong Yiddish word! – That’s an adjective, not a word!

    Also, I though I’d show off my laptop that I got ready for going to HOPE, since the Dorky Geeky Nerdy gets a lot of real estate:

      • I know you can do some near thinks with QR codes and still make them work, so you could do it in a way where the glasses in the logo were around the corners of the QR code, but I don’t actually understand the translation well enough to try to do it myself.

        • There are some cool QR code generators out there that will incorporate you logo into them.

          I just need to decide if it’s OK to have an “ad” be a reward for patrons.

          • Well, as long as it’s not the only reward, I don’t think putting your name and a way to find you is a bad thing.

            …but I do see the “Drink more Ovaltine!” of it all.

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