The conclusion of last week’s story.

Cast and Crew

David Tennant as the Doctor
Billie Piper as Rose Tyler
Shaun Parkes as Zachary Cross Flame
Gabriel Woolf as the voice of the Beast
Ronny Jhutti as Danny Bartok
Danny Webb as Mr. Jefferson
Will Thorp as Toby Zed
Clare Rushbrook as Ida Scott
Paul Kasey as the Ood
Silas Carson as the voice of the Ood

Written by Matt Jones

Directed by James Strong

Originally aired on the 10th of June 2006 on BBC One in the United Kingdom.


As the Ood turn murderous on the base, the Doctor and Ida descend into the core of the planet.

High Points

  • I liked the Doctor and Ida talking about belief.
  • The Captain’s actions to prevent Rose staying behind were well-played and entirely appropriate. This does illuminate his character more than we had the chance to see earlier.

Low Points

  • The Doctor seemed to take an inordinately long time undoing his harness.
  • The recovery of the TARDIS was just a bit too fortuitious.

The Scores

I think the same comments about originality apply from last week. Three out of six.

The effects were also similar to last week, although we did get treated to a marvellous CGI beast. Five out of six.

Much the same comments on the story as last week. It continues in the same vein and does give a satisfactory conclusion based on what had occurred in the first part. Four out of six.

Better acting this week. They seemed a little more comfortable with it, but David Tennant’s opportunity to have a nice big solo scene really showed off his abilities. Five out of six.

Emotional response is a little higher than last week, perhaps because most of the talking doors aren’t working anymore. Four out of six.

Production gets three out of six again, much the same as last week.

Overall again okay, but disappointing. Better than the first part, but that’s reflected in the earlier scores, so four out of six again.

The Satan Pit gets a grand total of twenty-five out of forty-two. My thoughts about where we were going from last week bore out. Time for something completely different, I hope.