Day Break Discussion – ‘What If They’re Stuck’

To prove his innocence, Brett visits the Internal Affairs office, twice, in search of the murder book. During his first visit, things aren’t going like he planned but his second time isn’t better when he doesn’t have any other choice than taking someone hostage.

Anyone watching this? Rumor has it, this temp replacement for Lost is on the chopping block due to poor ratings.

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  1. Liking it
    I have been watching it and I’m enjoying the show. I really thought it would lame from hearing about it. I quickly changed my mind after a couple of episodes.

  2. Great
    I am. I think its fantastic. Well acted, well played, and so far well written. Unlike Lost where the narrative strand seemed to stagger around like a drunken man in library, here I have the feel of forethought. Someone actually thought about this and how it progresses and plays out. But its one of those (very very very few) shows where you really have to pay attention to details, where you can blink or yell at a kid and oops, you missed a clever detail. I don’t think all of those details are necessary for comprehension of it, but certainly adds to my enjoyment of it. And even though its the same day, its not the same episode, everybody else may (or may not) be doing the same things over and over, but our hero doesn’t. A clever show, and I guess they aren’t popular on US TV – they’ve sold it to the UK, and since the story is only meant to be for 13 episodes, perhaps they have finished shooting it all, even if they yank it before Lost starts again.

  3. It’s good! Hope they don’t cancel it…
    I’m really enjoying it. If it does get cancelled, I’m going to have to hope for a DVD release.

    What I want to know is why more bureau42 folks didn’t give it a chance…?

  4. Interesting show
    I enjoy this series as I think it is engaging because of the little details. If you listen very closely to what is said you get little clues and the way the main character is starting to go insane is perfect.

    I especially enjoyed the bit where Chad starts to spout off about them being partners, what a great way to dump oil on the fire!

    This story is all about the details though, so pay attention and watch the previous episodes online. The writers have worked hard to make new episodes twist into parts of older episodes so help build the edge of the puzzle. Some out there will undoubtedly figure this out much sooner, but for me, I am drawn in and hope to see it continue despite the lower than expected viewership.

  5. I want more limited series
    I’ve been enjoying it as well.
    I like the way there are a number of variations in the events, like the bus lady. On BBC America, they often have series that run less than a full season. I like the idea of fitting the length of the show to fit the series. I compare this idea to X-Files where I think they had one seasons worth of story (the ufo stuff) but had to spread it over 9 years. I had hoped 24 would be like that and I hope this show runs its proper length and then they tell us a different story. I would rather not see Daybreak: Day 2.

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