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  1. Fallout
    Firefly as a game. I envision Fallout with spaceships.

    How to make that work as a MMORPG? Better ideas have resulted in poor gaming experiences (The Matrix, Star Wars.)

  2. There’s some potential there
    Well, I’m not sure that basing an MMO on a short-lived SF series and movie is any worse than basing an MMO on a short series of Real Time Strategy games… but they’re going to have to be gorram brilliant to pull it off well.

    Imagine it’s set in the time of the war… there could be some mighty shiny stories in there. Or even just after Serenity, if the Alliance has truly fallen apart.

    What would be really great to play would be if characters could advanced from one time period to the next – in the first levels of play (lowbie training, perhaps?), fight in the civil war, in the next, be smugglers and outlaws, and in the last work for various goals in the post-Alliance ‘verse, drawing on skills and connections they made in the first two parts.

    Just wonderin’ aloud…

    • Re: There’s some potential there
      The easiest two options are:

      civil War: it has a built-in conflict and the designers can steal from other war games.

      series-based, Fireflyesque crew: that world is established.

      I suspect they’ll go for one or the other.

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