Review: Monsters, Inc.

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Monsters, Inc.

Cast & Crew

Directed by Peter Docter
Written by Dan Gerson &
Andrew Stanton

John Goodman as James
“Sully” Sullivan
Billy Crystal as Mike
James Coburn as Henry
J. Waternoose
Jennifer Tilly as Celia
Bonnie Hunt as Flint
Mary Gibbs as Boo
Steve Buscemi as Randall
Bob Peterson as
John Ratzenberger
as Yeti
Frank Oz as Fungus

Original Release Date

November 2, 2001


Imagine if the monsters of your childhood were real. The live, they eat, they
breathe. Now image that they’re scared witless by small children.

The city of Monstropolis gets its energy from children’s screams and harness
each nightmare to its fullest. Mind you, monsters are bad, its just their job.

But when Sully and Mike stumble across a lost child, they begin an adventure
to send her back and get to the bottom of why she’s there and how to solve the
city’s power crisis.


Pixar knows how to make great films. If only other animated films possessed
Pixar’s attention to detail, the artist merit, and the overall enjoyment. The
writing was witty, adults won’t be disappointed. Pay close attention so as not
to miss any of the little hidden jokes (my favorite was the sushi restaurant
called ‘Harryhousens’).

Sully is warm and lovable, and Mike is well, Billy Crystal. Boo (the little
girl) so cute it almost hurts. Everyone else is splendid.

But it’s the animation, the detail, the artistic genius that makes this film
so entertaining. The Toy Stories and Bug Life were great, but they all take
a back seat to this one. Pixar has outdone themselves, and here’s to cheering
for them to do it again and again!

High Point

The final chase scene. I don’t want to give anything away, but it is incredible.
I can’t imagine it translating well to the small screen.

Low Point

Not much, except for the opening and closing credit artwork. Kind of lame in
contrast to the overall movie.

The Scores

Originality: This was a great premise. Silly, but the suspension of disbelief
was complete. 5

Effects: Pixar has done some awesome work in the past, and this blows the rest
away! Detail down to every last hair on the monster’s body. 6

Story: Great story. My three-year-old was riveted, as were my wife and I. 5

Acting: A lot of people will go on and on about Billy Crystal’s performance
but kudos belong to John Goodman whose characterization of Sully was superb.
The supporting cast kicks serious thespian butt as well. 5

Emotional Response: You really feel for Sully at the end of the movie. Animated
characters have never had this level of depth before. 5

Production: Five years in the making and it was worth every man-hour spent.

Overall: This is a great movie. Go now! Now do you hear me!!!. 6

Total: 38 out of 42