This sparked a lot of debate on a couple of local mailing lists I’m on, and maybe it’ll do the same thing here. Short version: In the upcoming DVD release of E.T. the Federales won’t be wielding shotguns anymore. In their place will be… walkie-talkies? (Full story follows)

Movie maker STEVEN SPIELBERG has angered die-hard fans by changing his 1982 classic E.T. for its DVD release.

The restoration will include the addition of never before seen footage, as well as upgraded special effects and some slightly altered scenes.

Spielberg has lopped off ELLIOT’s infamous “penis breath” insult to his brother, but perhaps the most controversial change involves the government’s ‘men in black’ pursuit of Elliot and E.T., in which the pals use their bikes to outmanoeuvre the agents. In the original the adults carried shotguns. Now, they wield walkie-talkies.

Publicist MARVIN LEVY says, “People were less cognizant of [the impact of guns] back then in ’81 or ’82. Most people are not going to notice, except maybe the purists, but the heart and soul of the picture is there.”