X-Files 2: Coming Soon?

This could just be Standard Hollywood Rumor #46887541, but Variety is reporting that Chris Carter and 20th Century Fox (shouldn’t they change their name at some point?) are in negotiations to make a second X-Files movie, slated to star Gillian Anderson and (gasp!) David Duchovny.

One reply

  1. Very probable
    To begin with, David Duchovny has always said he’s
    willing to come back for movies. Chris Carter has
    said that he didn’t want to do a second movie until he
    was finished with the show. Both Chris Carter and
    Gillian Anderson have expressed boredom with the
    series, so it wouldn’t surprise me if season nine
    (which premiers in a meagre 3 days) will be the last
    for both of them. In that case, a second movie would
    be a natural way to finish off their characters and
    move on with the next generation of agents.

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