2001 Emmys (finally!)

They kept getting re-scheduled, and with good reason… We’ll try to get the complete list of winners posted soon (the nominees list is already available), but the short version is: “The West Wing” cleaned house. SF/fantasy winners noted below… A complete list is available from E! Online.

Outstanding Cinematography for a Miniseries or Movie: part 2 of “Frank Herbert’s Dune” won over 61*, Anne Frank, and others.

Outstanding Costumes for a Series: Voyager lost to “The Lot.”

Outstanding Hairstyling (is this really a category?): Voyager lost to MADtv.

Outstanding Makeup: Voyager and The X-Files lose, this time to “The Sopranos.”

Outstanding Music Composition: Voyager (End Game) wins, beating out another episode of Voyager, The Simpsons, Xena, and “The West Wing.”

Outstanding Sound Editing: Voyager loses to ER.

Outstanding Special Visual Effects, series (i.e. the all-SF category): Voyager (End Game) beats Voyager (Workforce), Dark Angel, and two episodes of Stargate SG-1.

Outstanding Special Visual Effects, movie or miniseries: Frank Herbert’s Dune, part 1, beat a couple of movies I’ve honestly never heard of.

Lead Actor, Comedy: John Lithgow (3rd Rock) loses to Eric McCormack (Will & Grace).

And sorry, fiziko, there IS no justice in the world.
“Survivor” beat “Junkyard Wars” for Outstanding Non-Fiction Program.

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  1. Survivor beats JW/SC
    Argh I cannot believe that “Survivor” (man, what a load…) could possibly beat Junkyard Wars/Scrapheap Challenge. That is sooooooo bogus !

    I am convinced that the Emmys are no more than a glitzy get togethor for so-called stars, and any program showing even a modicum of intelligence isn’t going to get a look in at an award (let’s face it, the majority of your “stars” are not first-in-class).


    • Re: Survivor beats JW/SC

      I am convinced that the Emmys are no more than a glitzy get togethor for so-called stars…

      I think The Simpsons never getting nominated for Outstanding Comedy is pretty much proof of that.

  2. Buffy
    Should I Even Bitch About Buffy And/Or Angel Being Ignored?

    I’m Going To Let It Go, but Next Year, If They Ignore The Musical, I’ll Rant.

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