Star Trek: The Motion Picture (The Director’s Edition) DVD

writes, I just got it and it seems to be a
decent DVD set (there’s two DVDs). I like the
extras, but I was actually hoping for something
more. :( What do you guys think about it?

I’ve been tempted to skip my office hours
tomorrow. It seems that A and B Sound (here in
Canada) is selling the first 25 copies of this at
each location for only $15 Canadian, which is
something like $8 US.

3 replies on “Star Trek: The Motion Picture (The Director’s Edition) DVD”

  1. Initial reactions
    The menus look nice. I was a little dissapointed at the
    documentaries though. The first one especially seemed
    like it just suddenly stopped for no aparent reason. I’ve
    seen most of the deleted scenes through TV aired and
    “special edition” VHS tapes. I am looking forward to
    being able to sit down and watch the film closely though
    especially with the comentary. One thing that I hope they
    did (although I am doubting) is that they actually re-cut
    many of the scenes to speed up the overall pace of the
    film. There are many points in the film that dragged on
    due to silences and stares which can be trimmed. But we
    will see.

  2. Lucky you
    I had to pay $27.99 for mine (at the local Borders), but I had seen it online for as low as $21.48. Just didn’t want to wait for the shipping. ;)

  3. Watching the film itself.
    I thought the movie was cleaned up pretty good. I liked the idea that they kept with the origional style of effects for the redo. It kept the same feel (unlike Star Wars) throughout the film. Also, actually having character intoducton helped this film tremendously.

    I just have one problem though. I was expecting, hoping, praying the director would cut down the time it takes to get into v’ger. The origional made me go to sleep when I was a kid, made me change the chanel when I was a teenager, and now, well my friend suggested the fwrd button on my remote. All the frikin cool graphix in the world couldn’t keep a footstools attention after the girl gets reborn as a robot.

    This dirctors cut is still excellent although. I wouldnt suggest a single Star Trek fan pass this one up!

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