Lucas on the Future of a Long Time Ago….

At ShoWest recently, George Lucas shared his thoughts on the next phase of the Star Wars franchise and other matters (including a certain archaeologist).


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  1. Actually has an arch?

    Have you built any sets or done any mockups?
    No, what we do in our TV series is we write the entire first year and finish it as a script. Then we start getting ready to shoot it, then we start casting, and then we do it. We know where the whole first year is before we even start to work on it. I mean, I can do that because I’m financing the whole thing. So I’ve got it pegged out for 100 episodes, and I know exactly what I’m going to do and how I’m going to do it and what the risks are.

    If we’re lucky, this means Lucas is trying to do a reasonably well planned out series with an arch. If we’re not…

  2. Lucas &Starwars-events
    Hardware Wars it is not nor is it Winabeggo and Dogg. The current issue of WIRED had a fan universe movie about getting backstage at Phantom Menace during it’s making. Ultra fan sneaks on the set stuff? Anyway they have a MilleniumFalcon truck or van and some fan craziness- help for theatre release so unknown future-[appearing at your next Con? Read the article, see the flic? As for Animated Star Wars and TV series… Do you remember the Wookie plant TV special..?

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