A Frakton of BSG News

joe__gee writes, Now that the wrap has been done on the final season, there’s word that the first of a possible three BSG Razor-style made for TV movies has been greenlit.

Not to be forgotten is…..

Caprica, coming in December of this year. The teaser trailer is up on Sci-Fi’s BSG mini-site. Grayson’s daughter: “Sarah Connor Chronicles in Space?”

There’s word of more webisodes to link part one of season four to part two.

Oh, and Grace Park says an upcoming BSG episode explains “everything”. She read it three times, and still had to sit down with Moore to have it explained. Anticipate these forums burning up come the first quarter of 2009. Mind you, Sci Fi doesn’t want the fans to wait “too long”. I offer up the suggestion that “too long” to Sci Fi executives must include the process of fossilization, coupled with glacial advances and retreats. I am grateful for my booster spice.

A final note, the Last Supper photo has been changed on the Sci-fi site.

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  1. So
    So when are new episodes coming? I saw a promo that said August, but I hate promos so I kinda skipped it, but, uh. I didn’t skip it very well, and some of the scenes looked familiar, so I have no idea what they’re doing. Someone clue me in? I’ve been trying to get my girlfriend to watch BSG and I thought I had till January to have her catch up…

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