Tron 2 Cometh

Apparently the Tron 2 trailer surprised a whole bunch of folks down at Comic-Con yesterday. I can’t find the trailer online as yet, but there’s a fairly detailed description here. Details are sparse, but sounds like Jeff Bridges is on-board for the sequel.

4 replies on “Tron 2 Cometh”

  1. Cerberus7 says:

    Not online yet? :(

  2. joe__gee says:

    Online at . Scroll down the page for a stabilized version that’s a bit easier on the eyes. :)

    Jeff Bridges is DEFINITELY on board, err, online. :)


  3. zonk3r says:

    I just bought the 20th anniversary collectors set. It has a bunch of stuff on there about how they made the movie. I knew it was cumbersome but I had no idea how hard it really was. There’s a reason that film is the only one of its kind.

    With technology today it should be much easier to produce a sequel. Hopefully of quality, as most people today have some knowledge of computers as opposed to the era of the original.

  4. TwistyHat says:

    No not online
    Because its not a trailer, its more of technology demonstration. I don’t think they’ve finished shooting either.

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