reports that The Graysons, originally announced as the pre-Robin life of Dick Grayson, will not be developed for television. They’ve also reported that “Nightwing,” covering the post-Robin life of Grayson, as well as “Robin” (about Tim Drake, the current Robin) and “Birds of Prey” will ship their last issues in February, which is part of the “Battle for the Cowl” event. Personal commentary follows.

I’m not at all upset the TV series isn’t going to happen. The death of Dick’s parents is a defining and sudden moment for him. A pre-Batman Bruce Wayne series could work, if it started with the death of his parents, and followed his deliberate and conscious path to becoming Batman. I don’t think a pre-Robin Grayson series would work. The character we’d be watching simply wouldn’t be the character he would eventually be, and the Robin character works best if he doesn’t have that kind of life style first.