Heroes Discussion: Villains

Gabriel continues to seek redemption for Sylar’s crimes, Noah Bennet and Elle Bishop continue to seek Sylar’s head, the fiery Meredith encounters new family problems, and Hiro timecreeps most of the cast.

What did we think of this one? Can Heroes return to its former glory?

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  1. caught a part
    Well, as it so happens, I had a little time to kill and my wife was watching this so I saw a bit. – I only watched the first half, so I don’t know about the Syler/Bennet/Elle plot line, but I did see a good bit of Hiro’s timecreep.
    It wasn’t as bad as I expected, and there was one twist that I thought was actually noteworthy. (spoiler tagged below)
    When Future-Peter trapped Current-Peter in that criminal’s body(shown a few episodes ago), he was still, biologically, Claire’s uncle.
    I thought that was kinda need and my wife (who hasn’t given up on the show and has watched all of them) didn’t notice that until I pointed it out.
    So, does anybody know when the shows made by the old producers run out and shows from the new producers will begin airing? – I might give the new group another try…


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