Heroes Discussion: Eclipse, Part One

Claire continues training, Mohinder mutates, Daphne visits her Smallville home, new comic day brings big future news, Claire feels her pain, the pacing grows less webisode-like, the Petrellis fly to Haiti, the Haitian experiences family problems, Hiro’s current character flaws at least have an explanation, Elle gives Sylar a hand, and our small army of characters continue to wage their interconnected battles throughout the world.

Meanwhile, one of those mysterious planetwide solar events, such as occured in the first season, happens. It eclipses metahuman powers (though curiously, the eclipse in Four Months Later had no apparent effects on Hiro) in ways that are both amusing and plot-altering.

Daphne actually grew up in Lawrence, Kansas.

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  1. Planet-wide Eclipses
    They’re gonna have to explain the eclipses a little better. Short time between eclipses make no sense, but I can buy the partial-eclipse areas being affected. They seem to be implying that a solar eclipse affects the whole planet, but it doesn’t. Unless they’re looking at some effect other than the moon’s shadow, which could affect the whole planet. That seems to be what Mohinder was looking into, but they have yet to explain it. As it is, they’re pushing my willful suspension of disbelief just a tad too hard. In a show about super-powered humans. Gah.

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