Three weeks in a row! Actually, the new WP site makes this ridiculously easy to queue up reviews.

This week I take on the ubër-popular Twilight and realize I may need a sex-change to find a book interesting.

Twilight CoverTwilight by Stephenie Meyer

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When Bella Swan moves from sunny Phoenix to Forks, Washington, a damp and dreary town known for the most rainfall in the United States, to live with her dad, she isnt expecting to like it. But the level of hostility displayed by her standoffish high school biology lab partner, Edward Cullen, surprises her. After several strange interactions, his preternatural beauty, strength, and speed have her intrigued. Edward is just as fascinated with Bella, and their attraction to one another grows. As Bella discovers more about Edwards nature and his family, she is thrown headlong into a dangerous adventure that has her making a desperate sacrifice to save her one true love.

High Point

Vivid descriptions of feelings, emotions, and surroundings.

Low Point

OK, we get it! Edward’s good-looking! Move the hell on!

The Scores

Originality: Vampire love story? I think it’s been done. A few times. 1/6

Story: It’s just not that interesting. Far too much time is wasted “getting to know” the main characters with little or nothing going on. The excitement and adventure kicks in at the end of the book, almost like the editor went, “Listen, Stephenie, the book needs a little excitement in it. Can you add 4 chapters where something interesting happens?” Once something exciting does happen, the narrator goes unconscious. 2/6

Imagery: I’ll give the author points here, because she is a good writer. She’s quite good at setting the scene, describing characters and the environment and laying out Bella’s feelings. 4/6

Characterization: Since it’s first person, we only really get to know Bella. Edward,  we hardly know (other than he’s physically a god amongst mortals). 3/6

Emotional Response: Nothing. I just could not get into this book. I think this book appeals to desperate teenage girls (and adult woman who have refused to grow up emotionally). 1/6

Editing: It’s clean and well put together, it just has no substance. 3/6

Overall: I’d be interested in what other readers think, but frankly it’s just not my cup of tea. 2/6

Total Score: 16 out of 42