Fringe Quasi-Review: “Unleashed”

This episode gives us more of Walter, clearly the show’s most popular character, and a monster on the loose, one of the show’s more visually interesting creations.

Title: “Unleashed”

Cast and Crew

Director: Brad Anderson
Writers: Zack Whedon, J.R. Orci

Anna Torv as Olivia Dunham
Joshua Jackson as Peter Bishop
John Noble as Dr. Walter Bishop
Jaskika Nicole as Astrid Farnsworth
Ari Graynor as Rachel Dunham

High Point

What I saw of this episode made effective use of Walter without having his eccentricities overtake the episode. It’s not terribly original to have a monster on the loose, or a a monster for which someone feels responsible, but the show used these familiar premises well. Remember all of those Outer Limits TOS “bears,” you old-timers?

Low Point

I finally decide to give this show another chance, and learn…. Is this happening in your area, too? Freakin’ American Idol Future Has-Been runs overtime, again, into the next hour, pushing back the start of Fringe. I assume it is not on, or it has been moved to ten, or…. something. I return to work, only to discover half an hour later that the show is on.

This has happened at least twice now. If you want to watch or record Fringe (or even American Idol), keep this in mind.

How’d you feel about this week’s episode?

4 replies on “Fringe Quasi-Review: “Unleashed””

  1. I agree the American Idol Future Has-Been running overtime is annoying but there could be one positive. People who would immediately flip to another channel may not since the show they would be watching has already started.

    I think this show still has promise. One of the things that made X-Files good during the early seasons were the monster hunt episodes and not the conspiracy theory ones that showed up later. This episode felt like one of those. If they can keep the whole “Massive Dynamics is taking over the world” arc in the background for the most part, I think it’d be better for the show over the long term.

    • I’ve missed the endings because of AIHB, but fortunately, I was able to see them doing a Google search for Fringe tv. You can get to the official site and watch the full episode (or just the ending). It’s annoying to have to do that, but better than trying to juggle my DVR settings…

  2. The last two weeks I have instructed my TiVo to pad Fringe a half hour just in case, and I may need to permanently alter my Season Pass to account for this.

    I enjoyed this episode, and I was glad that it didn’t turn out to be another one of Walter’s actual inventions gone wild. The angle with Charlie and his wife, while not particularly original, offered a chance for a little depth to his character.

    And when that phone call from Peter came in at the beginning of the episode, I swear I saw Anna Torv express an actual emotion. Things seem to be looking up for this show, if Fox gives it a chance.

  3. Anyone got a gag bucket? Sorry, but the larvae made me want to reach for the bucket.

    Other than that, one of their better episodes.

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