Aaron Alliston in the hospital for surgery.

In addition to game designer Dave Arneson being in the hospital due to his cancer worsening, the official Star Wars blog is reporting Aaron Alliston is in the hospital as well, undergoing a quadrupal bypass surgery. If you want to help, there are two ways you can do it:

  1. Alliston’s family has started a blood donation sponsorship – if you are in the Dallas area you can go to Carter BloodCare center, or the National Blood Exchange, and say you’d like to donate blood for Aaron Alliston, a Carter BloodCare patient, and give his sponsor number – SPON 047786.
  2. You can send cards (but not perishable items or flowers) to
    Aaron Allston
    c/o Del Rey Books
    1745 Broadway
    New York, NY 10019

I’d like to wish Aaron a speedy recovery, and in general I hope he gets well soon.