Heroes Discussion: “Turn and Face the Strange”

The anti-metahuman movement continues its crusade, Noah’s marriage continues to crumble, another genre show references a pop classic, and Hiro and Ando continue their cross-country babysitting service.

Actually, I heard this one was pretty good. Is Heroes continuing its climb from the gutter? And should we write an actual review next week?

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  1. Yea, this season is pretty good. Its what season two should have been. In my opinion, of course.

  2. This week’s episode was definitely worthy of a review. Brilliant turns for the characters and brilliant acting to match it. My only complaint was boxes of Mohinder’s father still around. Can you say overly convenient plot device… The landlord is upset that Papa Suresh’s boxes are still in storage, and he doesn’t mention their existence to the agents stripping Mini Suresh’s apartment bare? Inconceivable

    Based on the teaser, next week’s episode could continue the upswing or just be another mediocre entry. Where it is one of the last three of the season, I’m praying it is the former.

  3. I guess I’m in the minority, but I think this season is absolutely awful. They tease in the previews for the next week and they look like they’re going to be amazing and I’ve been let down every single week. Too much is left unresolved and they just seem to be trying to push things forward without any clear idea of where they’re going. Sylar spent too much of the season crying for daddy, and when he finally finds him, he just leaves?! Talk about a huge letdown and a total waste of a great actor like John Glover.

    It’s way too early for this show to be sucking so bad. It’s only the 3rd season! And with the 2nd season being practically half a season, that’s just inexcusable.

    • I wouldn’t categorize it as absolutely awful, just uneven; it has shown promise in the last few episodes that the writing might be back on track. Completely agree though on the Sylar road trip; big setup for very little pay-off. The only way they can change my mind on that would be to pay-off down the road and have Burny McLeftBesideTheRoad as a new, powerful nemesis for Sylar.

      I think though that this nails what has been uneven for this season; big build-up for little pay-off — most of Matt’s paintings, Sylar road trip, Hiro/Ando go to India… I’ll stick with the rest of this season and hope that the good writing I’m seeing now extends into the next.

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