Podiobook Review: Fried Green Zombies

Yeah, you read that right.

Fried. Green. Zombies.

Fried Green Zombies CoverFried Green Zombies by John A. Allen

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Chett and Harry are two recently unemployed construction workers on their way to a weekend of beer, Southern Comfort, and frog gigging at their musty-rusted 1970’s RV parked at their favorite hunting camp when they stumble on Bob, the mysterious, busty, burqa-clad, non-English speaking beauty just standing in the middle of nowhere on the side of dusty Nine Mile Cutoff in rural Bovina, Mississippi.

Then all hell breaks loose. Their favorite pond is missing. They’re being chased by truck driving zombies, dirty cops, UFOs and other ne’er-do-wells. Someone stole Chett’s jacked up Scottsdale four-by-four. Zombies are traipsing around their trailer, and crazy Uncle Crank is trying to feed them zombie chicken for dinner.

Aided by a classic computer nerd, a crazy man wielding a frying pan, and a space babe who gets nekkid any time someone turns out the lights, follow Chett and Harry as they battle their way across the rural countryside and ultimately save the world.

High Point

“We gonna get probed?”
“I’d rather take the zombies.”

Oh and any scene with Uncle Crank. Re-animated hot dogs have never been so funny or horrifying.

Low Point

That armory seemed a little too well stocked.

The Scores

Originality: Ok, it’s gotta lose points here, but that’s part of its charm, is the fact that it’s ripping off several genre cliches at once and doing something fun with them. 4/6

Story: You’re not in this for the plot, you’re in it for the characters and the action. 3/6

Imagery: Great stuff, if you’ve got a strong stomach. 4/6

Characterization: Despite being an over-the-top horror/action/comedy, the characters are all believable (especially if you’ve spent time down south). Even Uncle Crank. Especially Uncle Crank. 6/6

Emotional Response: I laughed repeatedly throughout the book and more than once I was pretty tense about the outcome of one or two firefights. 5/6

Production: A good reading voice and sound quality. “Bob” was a little weird at first, but you get used to it. In fact, it starts adding to the character. 4/6

Overall: The book has been described as “Deliverance” meets “Shaun of the Dead,” but it really reminded me of “Tremors,” and that’s a very good thing. 5/6

Total: 31/42 says this book great for a fun bit of weekend reading.