Heroes Discussion: “I am Sylar”

Does that mean He is Not Spock?

Anyway, Sylar feels uncertain about his identity as Matt plays daddy, Hiro and Ando assault Building 26, and lots of brand new viewers deal with the munchies.

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  1. and lots of brand new viewers deal with the munchies
    Anyway, I thought this episode was much more interesting than last week’s trip through memory lane in the desert. Sylar is probably my favorite character and the shape shifting psycho aspect was great. The ending was also really good. I wonder if they are going to end the season on a cliffhanger or wrap the story up and start a new one as usual. I’m hoping for the latter.

    • and lots of brand new viewers deal with the munchies


      It aired on April 20 (4-20), the unofficial Stoner’s Holiday. I was imagining lots of people turning into the tv to focus and wondering what they might make of Heroes.

      Okay, maybe it wasn’t all that funny.

  2. Ok so now sylar is not only mysteriously immune to everyone else’s powers, but he’s also mysteriously immune to a knife in his brain. wtf?

    • What do you mean immune to everyone else’s powers? Back when Peter was a baddass he fought with Sylar and used powers against him. Peter just wasn’t smart enough to use the right powers.
      As for the knife, I thought the same thing, then figured maybe the evil aids guy missed the “sweet spot”? Maybe absorbing people’s DNA also lets him absorb their power or maybe in his glut of killing people and taking their power while working for evil aids guy he gained some new powers?

      • I think it’s a matter of “things not being where they’re supposed to be” due to the shapeshifting, like the extra tooth. Things have been re-arranged.

        • I’d say that hits it right on the head.

          Speaking of which, my wife pointed out that Hiro’s nose bleed might indicate that his power is coming at the same price Charlie’s (remember her?) did.

      • Haven’t watched it this season, but last season, puppet guy had Sylar under his control, then Sylar just broke free for no good reason.

        Dunno if that’s what was meant by ‘immune to other people’s powers’ or not, but it was certainly a ‘wtf?’ moment to me.

        • I think sometimes the writers think things are obvious that really need to be spelled out. It’s similar to my general complaint that some shows, like Star Trek: TNG, are inconsistent with themselves. I guess it’s because they have different writers writing different episodes, but they should have one writer assigned to making sure the show doesn’t contradict itself or make unexplained leaps.

        • I’d say it was because they both had powers that operate in a similar manner. Puppet guy uses psychic power to control other people’s movements, Sylar is telekinetic. So which is stronger: puppet guy’s ability to make Sylar’s body move; or Sylar’s telekinetic ability to make his body move? It’s a similar thing to when Matt and his Dad fought, or both worked on someone else’s mind. He who is stronger or more clever succeeds.

          • Eh, puppet guy got a nosebleed or something and just keeled over. I had the impression his powers were more controlling people’s bodies rather than telekinesis. Sylar’s generally been shown to need to gesture for his telekinesis, but his hands were bound by puppet guy’s powers. It really just made no sense at the time.

            Generally, if I have to make up explanations for why something really does make sense in the context presented, I consider it bad writing.

          • Matt and his dad were doing the mental equivalent of arm wrestling. What Sylar does is more like turning over a natural five-of-a-kind in poker.

        • Yes that’s exactly what I meant, just like how he was mysteriously able to ignore his dad’s “whistling freeze” power, and how he suddenly got up and pulled the “paralyzing tubes” out of his veins on more than one occasion, not to mention that all the way back in season 1, didn’t he mysteriously start time again after Hiro stopped it? It’s all bad writing, but the thing that bugs me the most is that he originally stole this power from a guy who could barely move a coffee cup across a table, but almost instantly he could use this same power to stop bullets, move bulldozers and whatnot.

          • Ah, but how did Sylar steal the other man’s power? Sylar stole it because his core power/ability is to “look” at something and just know how it works. It takes him a much, much shorter time to come to grips with how to use and control a power than someone who wakes up and suddenly finds himself able to move a coffee cup.

            It’s the difference between someone who can take years of piano lessons and still barely hold a tune, and someone like Mozart who can just sit down, compose, and play.

  3. I think the writers have either forgotten some of Sylar’s abilities, or just don’t know about them which makes for some frustration. I’m sure they’ll explain the knife to the back of the head not working next week, I’m sure it’ll be lame though.

  4. I see what you’re saying sprak, but to me it feels more like Mozart killing DaVinci and then suddenly having the ability to build a working helicopter, that can fly to the moon, and by the way he can breathe there.

  5. What always confused me is how Sylar lost all his acquired powers and yet still somehow managed to keep the telekinesis.

    For that matter, it always seemed a little strange that Peter was able to acquire that power second-hand from Sylar as well.

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