3 replies on “Heroes Discussion: “1961””

  1. So, um, why are they digging up bodies?

    “I need to bury my sister! So dig her up for me, so I can do that. Meanwhile, I’m going to go over here and do something important, like nap.”

  2. I really liked how they worked in the bit about Angela stealing socks as a way to comfort herself. It tied her character back to the first moment we saw Angela in the very first episode, where Angela gets taken in for shoplifting socks. I don’t know whether that’s what they had in mind with that plot point from the very start, but it was a satisfying callback.

    • I agree; it was a nice pay off moment. Also liked the glimpse into what helped shape Angela and the company into the “we’re ruthless for a grand purpose” mindset. But…

      There are only two episodes left in the season and presumably the “Fugitives” volume. Other than Sylar impersonating Nathan on TV at the end, this was a mostly disposable episode (unless they pay off on it spectacularly down the line); was hoping for something more substantial, something to build the tension and excitement. The last two eps are really going to have to be amazing; no more closing the volume with a whimper, please Heroes!

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