Infinitely Secret Civil Crisis in Riverdale!

In the latest much-ballyhooed gimmick that will have no long-term effect on continuity comic book development, Archie will propose to Veronica next September in a story that takes the gang (after sixty-eight years) out of high school. Michael Uslan, best known as a producer of the Batman movies, will write.

A special story. That means it won’t carry over into the regular Riverdale universe.

Your daughters and kid siblings can rest easy.

Information may be found here, here, and here.

3 replies on “Infinitely Secret Civil Crisis in Riverdale!”

  1. GrimSean says:

    Seriously? Veronica?

    This is the same Veronica who treats him like crap, regularly dumps him for Reggie and whose father absolutely hates the boy? Give me a break.

    Anyone want to take bets on him having been replaced by an Alien doppelganger, and the status quo being reset after the storyline is done?

    • octa says:

      My money is on a Jughead prank. I’m sure they’ll find something significant for the token black couple at the same time.

      Why does this comic still exist? :|

  2. babasyzygy says:

    Bah. Clearly the writers have always been biased against Veronica, given their shallow, negative portrayal of her over the years.

    I’m pulling for her, but I know that she’ll be screwed over in the end.

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