4 replies on “Oddball Round-up”

  1. No, Skynet was destroyed on August 29, 1997 at 02:14 a.m.

    Wrong! Skynet was destroyed in the summer of 1995 when an explosion at Cyberdyne Systems killed its would-be creator and a vat of molten steel destroyed the technology his work was based on.

    (No, there were no other Terminator films. Shut up.)

  2. Regarding those observations, I’ve got to disagree on the first one. If we’d only had one Star Wars movie, we wouldn’t have had Empire Strikes back.

  3. Yeah, but nobody cares what internet nerds think about everything.

    Actually, I disagree with a few of his statements, but I had no problem with the three films, Ewoks notwithstanding. I wonder what the prequels would have been like? I guess we’ll never know, since they were never made.


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