4Kids is 4 Sale

Anime Vice is reporting that 4Kids Entertainment, the company behind, no exaggeration, every single massacred version of any anime series to be broadcast on US Broadcast TV since the dawn of the 21st century*, with the notable exception of Pokemon, is going to be putting itself up for sale.

*In the 20th Century it was Dic.

To be frank, the only brand recognition 4Kids has is negative. The only good show it ever had put its name on was more recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, and that became unwatchable after the Turtles were sent to the future. Any company who buys 4Kids would basically have to re-brand the hell out of it (or, perhaps, back into it), to make it something that wasn’t synonymous with unwatchable crap. In all serious, even kids I encountered wouldn’t watch the 4Kids versions of One Piece. They might watch Sonic X, if they liked Sonic, and they’d watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They’d occasionally watch Yu-gi-oh, but only if they played the card game. I do hope that Viz or Funimation, will pick up Yugioh, and give it the uncut release the show deserves.

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