Worldcon opens today in Montreal, Quebec, with GoH Neil Gaiman and a host of fans, writers, industry insiders, and… Any of you?

‘Cause, Bureau-crats are an unusual lot. We like to read posts. We’re less likely to comment, perhaps preferring to wait until we have something intelligent or witty to say. But….

….I haven’t run into many of you at Cons. True, we’re widely dispersed. Still, I hold out hope that some of you might be at this year’s Worldcon, and I hope we can hang out.

I’m involved officially with four events and, if they don’t have the glamor of a panel with your favorite author and Melissa Auf der Maur, the Hugos, the Masquerade, or the Regency Ball, perhaps I’ll see some of you there:

Thursday at 3:30 pm, in P-523A, I’m running “Whose Con is it, Anyway?” a fan-friendly session of improv games designed to loosen people up for the many social functions. It’s a great way to have fun and meet new people.

Friday at 2:00 pm in P-521A I’ll be doing a reading of some (I hope) forthcoming fiction.

Saturday at 11:00 am in P-522B I’m part of a panel discussing SF, Fantasy, and reading outside of genre. (with Brenda Cooper, Candas Jane Dorsey, and S.C. Butler).

Finally, Sunday at 9:00 pm in P-518A, Worldcon will be offering an SF version of the comedic British quiz show, “Quite Interesting,” with contestants Pat Cadigan, Andrew A. Adams, and yours truly.