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      • Honestly, I don’t remember where it came from. I’ve had it for ten years or more. (The “original” was, I think, the cover art for one of the mid-80s Marvel Super Heroes RPGs.)

  1. Is it wrong that the first random thought I had in my head related to this was Thor, Iron Man, or the Silver Surfer making an appearance in Kingdom Hearts 3 as a Summon?

  2. Stolen from Twitter:

    First Disney/Marvel collaboration: Hannah Montana refuses to reveal secret identity, goes to war with Iron Man.

  3. I have to say that the first thought I had was Universal has a large amusement park miles from Walt Disney World, much of which is themed using Marvel characters – so does this mean Disney now gets a cut of all the Universal Islands of Adventure Admission tickets? That idea sorta amuses me.

  4. This might at least end the long-running legal battle of bills between Donald and Howard, which, over the years, has influenced how the latter can be depicted in comics.

    • I suspect the MAX line will survive. Buena Vista is the parent company that owns Disney, and it also owns Miramax, Touchstone, and Hollywood Pictures. I suspect this is a case of Marvel recognizing the source of profitable movies with huge marketing potential, and they decided to get a piece of merchandising and distribution for it. They’ve been used for home video distribution of Marvel titles for years.

      • Agreed. Let us not forget that everythign Quentin Tarantino has released has come out from Miramax, which is a fully owned subsidary of Disney. I wouldn’t think MAX isn’t that more extreme in its content than QT’s stuff.

  5. I see this as a big plus for Marvel reaching a younger audience. DC has had the younger demographics (under 12) locked down for ages with the Animated DCU – maybe Disney will be able to smoothly transition from the under 7s that they usually have a lock on via judicious use of the Marvel brand.

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