Stargate: Universe Discussion: “Air,” Parts 1 and 2

I’m not sure how we overlooked this one – couple nights ago, the latest series in the Stargate franchise premiered on Syfy. At this point, after fifteen seasons of two other shows and two made-for-DVD movies, I think it qualifies as a “franchise,” with all both good and ill that entails.

So, what did the rest of you think of this new and slightly darker chapter in the Stargate universe?

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      • I don’t know, I’m somewhat indifferent really. At present, I’d gladly trade the whole SGU spin for 5 more seasons of SGA.

        I like the characters in SGA better than this characters in this SGU deal. But this is my opinion. Which I am entitled to, just as anyone else is of theirs.

        I don’t like the “Wiz-Kid” idea…I’d rather have McKay or Carter any day of the week to save my bacon.

        Maybe it will get better. But as it stands right now. I’m sort of bummed out.

  1. This is on tomorrow (Tuesday night) here in the UK, so I’ll not say anything until then other than the previews look fantastic. I’m looking forward to it.

    By the way, is it possible to hide those ‘comments’ like the one above? Or at least move them somewhere else out of the comments area? They’re pretty much useless.

  2. So far, I like it. It’s very reminiscent of Lost, so far, with it’s before the event/after the event story telling. Actually, in some ways, if feels like the producers ripped off parts of Lost and BSG, with Rush appearing (to me, at least) to be a Baltar-ish type cad with Locke mixed in for good luck. I’m going to continue watching it and see where it leads. It’s definitely darker in tone. I found the atmosphere to be very tense, too. The only complaint I have right now is that there is no real reason given for the attack on the base, and I have a feeling that part will never be explained. All in all, an enjoyable evening spent watching the show.

    • They established that the SGC was at war with the Lucian Alliance over the course of a few episodes of SG-1. So, presumably that’s the motivation behind the attack.

  3. I haven’t seen it and really haven’t seen any reviews address the question of whether I need to have seen the other series to enjoy this. Anyone? I’d like to see it, but I never really liked the other series.

    • Not really, no. Having seen SG1 and Atlantis will help with a few little details (like how the Air Force got interstellar spaceships and who some of the minor characters are), but it’s not really required viewing. The pilot moved pretty quickly into the “okay, we’ve cut off these characters from the rest of the universe” part.

      (I don’t think the above is a spoiler because it’s pretty much the whole premise of the show that they’ve been advertising for months, and besides they cover it all in the first 30 or 45 minutes anyway.)

  4. I don’t think you do. The aforementioned attack on the base refers to some baddies that were in SG-1, but other than that, I don’t think you really need to be aware of anything in the SG universe (no pun intended). Not so far, at least. Having said that, I watched about half of the original series, and the entire Atlantis run, so maybe there were references in there that I just understood.

  5. Personally, I found it quite enjoyable. Its too early to tell, but based upon the pilot, I will be watching it for a while.

  6. I think the countdown timer is going to be a big over-used cliche. I also thought the Daniel Jackson instructional video series was a humorous way of dropping some backstory. Speaking of cliches I thought the venting shuttle airlock door that could only be closed from the outside a very poor cliche. Clearly some ancient shipbuilder was drunk when they made that design decision.

    Speaking of the ship the FTL effect was nice to watch.

    Cliche minefields aside it should at least be a decent watch.

    • I think it was explained in that they were both dealing with a safety mechanism, but also a broken emergency system ship-side. The shuttle’s safety mechanism was functioning, but the emergency over-ride in the ship was very much busted. That’s what that one guy was trying to get working while digging in the wall by the door.

    • They were also operating under a time limit. ‘Get this done within the next hour or we all suffocate’. If they’d had Carter or McKay with them, that’d probably be enough time, but I get the impression that Dr. Rush isn’t of their caliber. Had they more time, they probably could’ve figured out another way to do it.

  7. I’m going to hold judgment on this for now. I think it’s an interesting concept: Stargate + Sliders or Quantum Leap +BSG = ????? and I’ve been a huge fan of the show since it premiered on Showtime way back when.

    Several of the cast members just didn’t appeal to me. I personally would have rather seen the Col. be the one to close the leak instead of the Senator. I think it would have allowed for greater tension between the Lt. & Senator as to who is in charge, especially if a romantic relationship develops between the Lt. and the Senators daughter.

    I’ll give it a few episodes before making a decision.

    • I was expecting that as well and was glad when it didn’t happen. It would have been too similar to the position Shepard was put in during the Atlantis premier.

  8. Hey that was pretty good. A few thoughts:

    RDA need to exercise more :-)

    The Destiny seems to be an old ship, even by ancient standards – yet it has FTL. Something the ‘modern’ ancient ships don’t have. I bet using it has some kind of side effect – like travelling back in time with each jump. Now that I think about it Dr Rush probably knows this too. He’s in no rush (pardon the pun) to leave the ship, and it was suggested that he had a relationship in the past that ended badly. Maybe he’s trying to go back to fix it? Though if it was travelling back in time from when the ancients launched it then it wouldn’t be here now in our time.

    The look of the ships internals, especially the bridge, reminds me of Moya from Farscape. I thought the little floating camera balls would turn out to be DRDs but it seems they’re just the ancient version of a MALP. The ship really could use a few DRDs right now.

      • Hm. Looks like an honest-to-goodness bug, I’ll see if I can figure out the retro-fitted spoiler code enough to get it sorted. (Probably related to paragraph breaks and style sheets and all manner of things for which I’m woefully under-qualified to fix…)

  9. Well, I thought it was better than Atlantis’s “Rising”, but not as good as SG-1’s “Children of the Gods”. I see a few potential pitfalls for the series, but have no reason to assume it’ll fall into them yet. Definite potential.

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