With rumours aswirl that Heroes will not have another season, the show takes us back to its intriguing, ratings-scoring early episodes with a new installment rife with time-travel paradoxes and more than a little reminiscent of Back to the Future II.

I’m busy this week, so we’re just having a discussion. The episode, Once Upon a Time in Texas, raises a number of questions, including:

  • We’re already in an alternative timeline in the series, one where Ando married Hiro’s sister. Wouldn’t that fact have already changed the events of the first season? Why does Ando still accompany Hiro? Or is this a parallel timeline?
  • If this is a parallel timeline, how can changing the past hold any meaning?
  • How do physics work for a person who remains active while time has been frozen? Seriously, this raises several problems.
  • Mohinder Suresh has returned. Did anyone want this to happen?
  • Okay, so I laughed at the Mothra reference. Anyone else?