Heroes Discussion: “Brother’s Keeper”

This season began with promise, and (as I see it) now risks going the way of Seasons Two and Three. Last night saw the return of Mohinder, the reemergence of Tracy, and revelations about Samuel. How’d we feel about these developments?

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    • Sylar is in Peter now, there’s no way Peter would have given up healing power at this point for flight unless he were Sylar. And on the topic of Peter, why didn’t he even try to bring Nathan back to life? He’s supposed to be able to control life and death…

      • They specified that the healing power only works if someone (or something) is still alive, even if barely. Can’t actually bring dead people back to life.

  1. So what they’re saying is Samuel has basically only been running things for 8 weeks? And he doesn’t yet know that he needs other specials to amplify his power? And he’s been collecting them all just for kicks before?

    • Well his brother said that he had worked hard to keep the group small. So even if Samuel didn’t know he’s ambitious enough that he’d want to grow it regardless.

      The other possibility is there’s something in the equations (who gave them the compasses? Did Chandra make them? Do they know how to make them themselves?)

  2. That’s what I got out of it. *FACEPALM!* Unless there’s something yet to be revealed, which is still possible. Still made me *FACEPALM!* Yes, all-caps with an exclamation point.

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