Heroes Discussion: “Upon this Rock” / “Let It Bleed”

Heroes returns, with Claire suspecting Samuel of dark intentions, Hiro regaining his place in the world, Noah hitting up Edgar for some answers, and characters who might as well be gods battling it out. Nathan, meanwhile, has been buried, but the show cannot seem to shake Sylar.

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  1. Wow. No comments yet.

    Heroes returns, but does anyone care? I think their hiatus was a bad idea.

    I know that for myself Heroes is waiting on my DVR until I’m bored enough to watch it.

    Maybe people just don’t want to keep tuning in to keep watching the next silly plot about how Sylar stays alive. Maybe they should rename the show Villian, or perhaps be direct and change the show name to Sylar.

    I think Heroes might be done, time to wrap it up….

  2. I have to agree. There is little chance this show will recover at this point. They have succeeded in destroying what was a very promising show during the first season. It should be held up as a text book example of how NOT to do things when making a television show.

  3. The first season had a structure and character development. Most of what we’ve seen since has been, “try incidental ideas and popular characters who worked before.” Sad that the people behind this show cannot grasp: “Y’know what makes a story good? A plot and characters.”

    Pity Hiro can’t go back in time and warn the show’s writers.

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