Next Spider-man film to reboot

Dark Nexus has brought our attention to the announcement that Raimi, Maguire, and Dunst are out. The next Spider-man will put Parker back in high school and restart the franchise.

Information here and here and elsewhere.

Raimi liked neither the script nor the direction. Call it a Brand New Day.

3 replies on “Next Spider-man film to reboot”

  1. TheAngryMob says:

    I suppose that’s the best they can do after Spider-Man 3. They squandered the best villain and left us with nothing.

    My suggestion: Let it fade away for a decade or so, then revive it.

  2. lunadude says:

    More “reboots”, help us. This means another origin story. Just do like the comics, and assume the audience knows how it began, and tell a good story.

  3. Trik says:

    The 2 leads were miscast from the begining
    Dunst and Maguire were never MJ or Peter to me

    Also it needs a reboot because Rami has shown half of New York Peters face

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