Next Spider-man film to reboot

Dark Nexus has brought our attention to the announcement that Raimi, Maguire, and Dunst are out. The next Spider-man will put Parker back in high school and restart the franchise.

Information here and here and elsewhere.

Raimi liked neither the script nor the direction. Call it a Brand New Day.

3 replies on “Next Spider-man film to reboot”

  1. I suppose that’s the best they can do after Spider-Man 3. They squandered the best villain and left us with nothing.

    My suggestion: Let it fade away for a decade or so, then revive it.

  2. More “reboots”, help us. This means another origin story. Just do like the comics, and assume the audience knows how it began, and tell a good story.

  3. Good
    The 2 leads were miscast from the begining
    Dunst and Maguire were never MJ or Peter to me

    Also it needs a reboot because Rami has shown half of New York Peters face

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