3 replies on “Heroes Discussion: “Close to You””

  1. TheDawgLives says:

    More importantly, is Clare in love with her roommate or Silar? Is there a possibility of a love triangle here?

  2. fsphil says:

    This series has just started in the UK. I got bored half way through the first episode, so I nip in here to see if it gets any better soon and I’m not encouraged.

    Was the first series just a fluke?

    • JD DeLuzio says:

      Opinion varies. I’m rather inclined to see the first season as the only good one, but not necessarily a “fluke.” I suspect the other seasons are the result of attempts to recreate the success of the first season by people who didn’t understand why the first seasons succeeded. In place of another interesting story, they revived elements (and characters) that had worked the first time and added things they thought would be cool. But I don’t see the concern for character revelation/development and plot that mark the first season.

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