Death Comes to Town Discussion: “Who Mailed the Mayor?”

Thirty pages of obituaries, but do I get a mention?

The Kids in the Hall’s limited-run series made a shaky debut last week. Rather than review each weekly episode, I’m going to post some comments, invite discussion from anyone who might be watching or might just be interested, and post reviews after the fourth and the eighth episodes.

The second episode began a little bit stronger, with some amusing comic pieces. The series, like the Python films, reflects the Kids’ roots in sketch comedy, and it moves from bit to bit. A plot develops and we learn more about obese Ricky Jarvis’s backstory, but the second episode does not sustain its own momentum. Still, I found it more enjoyable viewing than the first.

The episode ends with the arrest of a character who seems fairly clearly to be a red herring.

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  1. I found this one funnier that the first though still not up to the level of the original Kids in the Hall.

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