Heroes Discussion: “Pass/Fail”

Sylar decides that, all along, he just needed to be loved, Claire and Gretchen move a little closer to lovin’, Samuel visits an old love and then throws a tantrum, and Hiro’s “trial” includes a loving gesture.

Anyone giving any love to this episode? Pass? Fail? Would you prefix either of the previous two words with “epic?”

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  1. Have to give this episode a couple extra points for “your honor, now he’s just reciting the opening to Quantum Leap”.

    Other than that, though…kinda just waiting for this show to be put out of its misery.

  2. When Adam Monroe first showed up, the first thing I thought was “Oh my god, Sark is back!”

    Yeah, guess what I’ve been watching.

    Other than that, I really kinda wished I watched most of this episode in 2x so It’d only have taken half the time.

  3. Y’know, with Today’s College Kids having such a reputation for promiscuity, it’s just such great role-modeling that Claire and Gretchen










  4. I actually liked the bit with Hiro. The quantum leap line was great. But the rest of it, just meh.

    Oh and Sylar goes looking for some love and understanding and, yep, by the end of the episode he’s back to trying to destroy Parkman’s life. If Sylar doesn’t die, for good this time, soon, I’m done. I’m not sure I have too many viewings of heroes left in me…

    • I viewed Sylar showing up asking for Parkman as he was looking for Matt to wipe his memory of all the powers he had. Of course after Matt does it for him, there is going to be a story line where something happens and no one else except for Sylar can save the cheerleader^H^H^H^H^H^H world, and he’ll go on a quest to restore his powers.

      • Sure, and somewhere on that quest he’d be forced to leap over a very large deadly fish….. ;-)

        • .

          You must have missed it. – That was Ep1 of Season two… But to be fair, he DID look really good in that leather jacket.

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