This week, various characters rallied against Dirtbagneto Samuel, Sylar became a Good Guy, Hiro rediscovered his old love, Peter went all SuperMario after Emma, and geeky shippers waiting for a pay-off to the Claire/Gretchen romance were disappointed.

Heroes‘ ended what will likely could be its final episode with “To be continued.” We have the opportunity here at the Bureau to discuss the episode– and to suggest how the series might have lived up to its initial promise.

1. New directions: Heroes second season plays like an inferior imitation of the first, and the writers loved Sylar too much to keep him dead. The show’s first season thrived on re-envisioning comic-book tropes and conventions in a somewhat more realistic setting. Perhaps the world should have discovered the existence of the “Specials.” It would have been even more derivative of X-Men than it was, but it also would have been more interesting than what we saw.

How would the world have coped, knowing that metahumans existed?

2. Speaking of repeats: let the dead stay dead! Sylar was a great character– the first time around. He should have stayed dead.

3. Character, character, character. We were expected to follow too many of them for series television. Not even the writers, apparently, could keep track. People vanished, their story arcs incomplete. Hiro, in particular, suffered from Reset Button syndrome. If character growth doesn’t stick and the dead don’t stay buried, why should we care about anything that happens?

4. Time travel: The show probably had one good time travel plot. After that, all means of controlled space-time travel should have been eliminated. Hiro’s abilities made anything possible. If anything is possible, nothing is dramatically interesting.

5. Super super powers: too many characters were overpowered, and this removed them from plausible conflicts. The writers coped by having the powerful act like idiots, so that the plots could go on. A plot driven by idiots is, well, idiotic.

6. Crossover with Big Bang Theory: Okay, this is in fact a terrible idea in fact, but it’s theoretically funny .

Don’t even suggest guest-appearances on Smallville.

Your assessments, suggestions, and script ideas?