Heroes Cancelled

NBC confirms what we’ve long suspected– Heroes won’t return for another season. The show’s creators, however, hope to wrap up the story with a movie or mini-series.

What would you like to see in a finale? Or does anyone still care?

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  1. Peter wakes up, and it was all an extremely long and unpleasant dream, so he has a shower, changes the bed sheets (which are all sweaty), and goes to see his brother’s grave, because Nathan couldn’t fly and so died in the car accident.

    It’s very poignant and all the DVD releases will come with a box of tissues.

  2. NBC has said that they may wrap Heroes up with a made for TV movie. Their complete upfront details are available here. Once all major networks have conducted their upfronts this week, I’ll compile an article with a complete look at the fall schedule.

    • Interesting, if they’re doing a wrap-up I wonder how they’ll deal with good Sylar. Will he go bad again? Get power-nerfed (like Peter)? Or brain damaged (like Peter)? Or some new super-villain?

      Oh, and replacing Law & Order with “Law & Order: Los Angeles”?! I have a bad feeling about this.

      And is it just me, but do none of the new Law & Orders have the court room portion?

        • Interestingly I think Peter got slightly smarter once his powers were nerfed.

          Apparently retaining every power he ever used must have taken up a lot of space up there.

  3. I haven’t cared since season 2 started feeling like a really bad dream, so why start now?

  4. Does this mean I don’t have to keep hoping that the writers actually learn how to, um, write? They had so much potential during the first season that I never was able to give up on them. It lasted longer than The Black Donnellys which was much more compelling, IMHO.

  5. Thank goodness. It’s like a puppy you loved, but grew up into to pee on your floor and eat whatever was in front of it, like your homework, shoes, dinner, leg…

    I’m glad it’s time’s up.

  6. Don’t care. It had potential its first season, but it never actually went anywhere, no real *superhero* action. It needed at least a little action each episode or two. Hopefully this doesn’t mean the writers will just go to something else that we love and ruin it. I’m still missing Defying Gravity :(

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