New Star Trek RPG

By my count, this is probably the third different RPG for the license. None have really stood out in the gaming community. If I can get a copy, I’ll post a review.

Too bad Wizards of the Coast didn’t get their hands on this one. They did a pretty sharp job with Star Wars.

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From and Paramount:


<I>Star Trek</I> Roleplaying Game” align=”left”></a><br />
<font face=You’ve seen the shows. You know the characters. Now you can live out the adventures again and again through the new Star Trek Roleplaying System.

The new Star Trek™ Roleplaying Game books contain all the tools fans need to re-visit the heroic exploits of their favorite Star Trek television and movie series. Whether their tastes run toward the sleek vessels of Starfleet or the shadowy corridors of Deep Space Nine, these books give fans everything they need to create and tell their own stories in the Star Trek universe. So grab your phaser, take the helm, and set your course for the second star to the right… It’s a journey no Star Trek fan will want to miss!

The Star Trek Roleplaying Game introduces Decipher’s proprietary new “Cinematic” roleplaying game system, called CODA. This easy-to-use, accessible game system is uniquely suited to the cinematic atmosphere of the Star Trek universe. The all-new system is entertaining in its unique approach of capturing the drama from all Star Trek properties. This game provides more character building and advancement – exactly what roleplayers have been asking for, but easy for new players to catch on. Grab some six-sided dice and you are ready to go!

Begin your adventure with the Star Trek RPG Player’s Guide and Star Trek RPG Narrator’s Guide. Each 256-page, hardcover volume is full-color. These guides serve as the entry point to playing or running a roleplaying campaign set in the Star Trek universe, including all the facts on major alien species, character professions, technology, and starships depicted on the television shows and in the films. Best of all, they include in-depth information and detailed discussions of aspects of the Star Trek universe never before seen on the television shows. With exclusive information on your favorite Star Trek shows and movies, whether you plan to roleplay or not these books are must-haves for all fans of Star Trek!

The guides also contain detailed background information on the Federation and Starfleet in both the 23rd and 24th centuries, including their history, conflicts, and operations. Finally, they include rules for creating and playing any type of character in the Star Trek universe.

The Star Trek Roleplaying Game guides sell for $29.95 each, and are now available through the official Star Trek Fan Club Store, which is also home to the Star Trek Communicator bi-monthly magazine.
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