starbreeze writes, According to Wildstorm Productions, DC comics will be printing a Thundercats miniseries this month. After the initial issue (available August 8) featuring character bios and behind-the-scenes production designs, there will be 5 monthly issues. The comic picks up where the cartoon series left off, “with New Thundera restored, and Thundercats King Lion-O gathering his old friends. For New Thundera, it is time to call home the other Thundera refugees and finally rebuild their once-majestic society. But there are dark tidings brewing at Mumm-Ra’s Pyramid, where the Ancient Spirits of Evil have concocted a nefarious plan to free the Shadowmaster from the Shadow Realm. It’s up to Lion-O, Tygra, Panthro, Cheetera and the Thunderkittens to save the day!” Kickass. Don’t miss the sneak peeks at the artwork, and Thundercats desktops for your PC. Yes, issue 0 is out tomorrow. DC will be using the Wildstorm imprint on this one.